Bank Fraudsters Scam £650,000 From Edinburgh Victims

Bank Fraudsters Scam £650,000 From Edinburgh Victims

Police are warning of a telephone bank scam which has seen 16 people in Edinburgh conned out of £650,000 in the last six weeks.

Officers are teaming up with Royal Bank of Scotland to highlight the danger posed by fraudsters who call people claiming to be from their bank.

In the scam known as "vishing'', victims are told that there has been suspicious activity on their account and are advised to transfer their money to a different account.

It follows a spate of cases in the capital, with 16 people targeted and more than £650,000 cash stolen in the last month and a half.

As part of the awareness campaign, all public branches of the main banks will display posters reminding the public never to give out their details if they are cold-called.

Police will distribute crime prevention leaflets across the city giving information on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Detective Inspector Arron Clinkscales said: "Those responsible for committing these offences are despicable individuals who mostly prey on the elderly and vulnerable members of our communities.

"Neither the police, nor banks, will cold-call an account holder and ask for personal details, or for money to be transferred elsewhere.

"If you receive a call like this, do not comply.

"Hang up and ensure the line has been cleared before contacting police.''