30th June 2013 - View from Earth - 7am


    • After thirty eight years, right from the first week of Radio Forth, this is the last “View from Earth”.  Thanks to Andrew Monaghan and a team of volunteers from the Edinburgh and District Churches’ Council for Local Broadcasting, the programme has gone out each Sunday during that time.   We are grateful to the management who have been consistently supportive over the years and all the staff who have cooperated in making it possible.  Above all we are grateful to you the listeners who have been such a vital part of every production.   Thank you.


    • To mark the occasion we will have a kaleidoscope of some of the most memorable moments over the years when we have been honoured with over fifty awards, locally and internationally, from British Awards to New York and to Europe.


    • “Sandra’s Diary” will range from those who move from city to country, to the Guide promise which now excludes God and a challenge to the National Secular Society to remove references in their membership to there being no God.


    • Cecelia Miller reviews Texas’ new album “The Conversation” and finds challenges for the conversations which are part of our daily lives and for communication skills and patience in unconditional love.


    • Andrew Barr reflects on two current programmes on Channel Four and questions raised about the spiritual and supernatural in daily life, a view which had Hans Kung throwing him out of a discussion group as a “medievalist”.


    • Gail reflects on being caged in a glass case, and the implications for the marginalised in society.


    • We catch up on the religious news headlines of the week.